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Thread: Which NCAA Conference is better this year?

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    This will be an open poll so we can view at the end of the season and then bash those who were wrong.
    Which Football conferece will have the best season?

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    I wont even bother you all with what the "experts" say. But, I will tell you that they all say the same thing. Every single one.
    I will say that the WAC is coming along nicely and will be strong this year compared to their usual years past.

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    Thor, the SC bandwagon is all hitched up and ready to roll. I'm saving two seats for you and Kilr.
    I agree with the WAC, the QB from Hawaii is getting some pretty good push for possible heisman.
    Should be a fun year

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    This will be a great year as usual. Hawaii will be good like you say. But, for them to run the table will be tough.

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    It will be a great year for college ball.
    I haven't viewd Hawaii's schedule but I know some analysts had them as one of the favorites to run the table due to their great QB and easier than most schedule.

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