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Thread: Performance Boat Course At SCOPE

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    BRAD S
    Performance Boat Course At Scope
    Improve your performance boating skills. Tres Martins Performance Boat School will be in Long Beach prior to the SCOPE Poker Run. Class will start on 26 September. Sign up now to reserve a spot in the class.
    Tres Martins Ultra Performance Boat School is included with the purchase of any new Outerlimits, Sunsation 43 ft F4, and the Liquid Technologies SL44.
    For more information view our website or call anytime.
    Brad Schoenwald

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    Odd how DCB, Eliminator and any mfg that puts someone in a Cat that runs 100+ doesn't pay for this either. I know if I was buying one of these boats that it would not even be a question.

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    I wish that those courses weren't so expensive. I would really like to take one but a thousand dollars, geez. Has anybody here taken one?

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    I took the course. Signed up because I knew I needed to learn how to drive my boat safely and then turned out it would have been required anyway for insurance. It was well worth it.

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    Liquid Courage
    Brad, beat me to the thread post by a few moments......But the course is worth every penny. You think you know all there is about boating but no matter how many years experience you have, there's always more to learn. Specific driving patterns and behaviors, "attitude" of the boat, turning at speeds, etc. we've all heard the stories and how to avoid the problems. But you can not replace hands on experience at the direction of two true professionals.
    Most know Tres has won several offshore racing titles and has been involved in racing, building, and selling custom boats for over 20 years. However, some may not realize that Brad Schoenwald is a (RET.) Chief Warrant Officer with the U.S. Coast Guard, a Cert. marine inspector, is the safety corridinator for the Florida Powerboat Club and is a fellow performance boater. You are in good hands with these instructors.

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    BRAD S
    Thanks TANK!. I am really looking forward to coming out. I miss the Pacific and I will have the opportunity to run the Liquid Technologies Boat in your event.
    The school is really an investment in the long term. I know its a stack of cash but the tradeoff over a lifetime of boating is well worth it.
    I just returned from Texas where I ran two new Eliminator Customers through the course. They as well as Eliminator of Texas were very pleased wtih the outcome. To date we have had absolutely not one student who has not been satisfied with the course.
    Best Regards,
    Brad Schoenwald

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