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Thread: Stolen Boat

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    Just got the call that my 2001 DCB Mach26 Open Bow Orange Purple Grey on a Purple triple axle Extreme trailer was stolen in Havasu this weekend. Any ifo on the where abouts would be great. Please contact myself at 505-264-6138 or Matt at Smugglers Inc 928-846-1100
    Pics attatched and reward offered.
    Has a blown 454 w/ a 8-71 Blower Shop Blower. Block is painted Purple to match boat and has Gil Offshore exhaust and a Bravo 1 drive.
    Trailer is Purple w/ polished Provressive rims and 2 Black rims for spares mounted on front of trailer.

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    We live here full time and will keep our eye out.
    SO sorry to hear it.

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    Thank you I just can't beleive this has happened. Just read another post that a Warlock was also stolen this weekend.
    But all the help is appreciated
    Thanks Mike

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    Hope you get her back soon...

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    We will keep an eye out on our way home today. Sorry to hear.

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    Motor pics

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    That's horrible. will keep an eye out. Hope it turns up.
    MIss B

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    Where was this boat stolen from?

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