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Thread: Hiding the Wiring?

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    I just installed a stereo in my boat. Before I tacked everything down permanantly I used gorilla tape to hold everything in place for one river trip just to make sure that the instalation worked out as planned and I didn't have to move anything.
    Now that it looks like all is well I would like to keep everything in place permanently. My question is how is this usually done and what methods would you suggest? It looks as though the original wiring harnes is held in place by fiberglass strips attached to the hull. Unfortunately the new wires are in different locations so new anchorpoints are needed.
    I was thinking of using some rubber tubing as a protective measure and fiberglassing the rubber tube to the hull? Or maybe epoxy would be easier/better?

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    in my boat somebody fiberglassed cardboard tubes to the hull. One of them is still in tack, though I would recommend some plastic...Or you could use some conduit clamps...

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    jet guy
    I will be building a new wiring harness for my boat I will be useing studs that will epoxyin and use adell clamps to secure the harness. just my toughts

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    Are there studs made for that purpose or are you going to make them yourself? I like that idea. Epoxy the stud in place where ever you need it and then use those adell clamps that you mentioned. That way you can always loosen the clamp to add or remove wiring without having to pull the whole length out like you would have to do with the fiberglass loop. Plus those adell clamps have rubber protectors.
    As long as the stud is mounted well I should be ok.
    Thanks for the help everyone..

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    jet guy
    Yes the studs are made for this we use the on our jet(F16 in avetar) they work great the only problem is the only place I can find them is in aircraft parts books try aircraft spruce online look in hardware section you can get the clamps there to I thing I think it is a very easy and clean way to install harness,fuel lines or any thing like that I work with them everyday and I like them I figure if they will withstand the forces a F 16 puts on them they must be pritty strong

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