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Thread: Can't Find the... Wanted!.. TIRE Thread

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    River Runin

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    5 of um!
    Uh, are these for sale or did you just score them?:idea:

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    So whats the asking price?

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    Can't Find the... Wanted!.. TIRE Thread
    Finally got um out!
    You need an Avatar, better location, and a signature. Otherwise your just a lurker with a post count who doesn't know how to use search!!
    Haha couldn't resist. Nice job posting pics.

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    These tires sell for $190.00 ea. New
    I'll take $100 each, plus the shipping!
    How much is shipping from "where ever I go there I am"?

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    Tried that Search Chit man!---after 8 pages, said fk it!---what the hell am i looking for???
    You can try the advanced search option and narrow your terms, days to search, thread, user etc.

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