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Thread: Are you REALLY ready for some football?

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    JB in so cal
    Colts and Saints in the Kick Off @ 5:30. It's for keeps, too!!
    34-31 Colts :idea:
    I'm makin up a batch of Sausage and Peppers and puttin' a roll of TP in the freezer!

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    More then ready.

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    Cole Trickle
    Should be a good game.....
    I like the Saints but would bet on the Colts since there at Home

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    Is that you Howard Cossell?

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    Go saints..............................

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    JB in so cal
    Is that you Howard Cossell?
    I'd kill to hear Howard and Dandy Don get into to it! Especially if Don had tossed back a few in the booth.

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    JB in so cal
    I'm gonna make a batch of sausage and peppers and stick a roll of TP in the freezer

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    I am ready for someone to buy me some beers too!

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    Hardly Satisfied
    Hell yes

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    " look at that money run " oops!

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