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Thread: FS: 2 - OMC V8 drop ons - Evolution Stage 5 -430hp

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    This motor is disassembled. Started life as a 1994 300hp V8. Modded to Evolution Marine Stage 5 spec by Evolution Marine back in 1995. They claimed 430hp. Intakes are ported, rod slots are done up, finger ported, etc. Full Stage 5 setup. (see pics below)
    Big bore carbs, no VRO. Rapair 8500rpm power packs. Heads are studded. Compression is 125-130 port bank, 110-120 stb bank.
    Motor was disassembled due to a vibration that was loosening the upper bearing bolts. 2 of those 8 bolt holes are stripped. I planned to heli-coil them, but now I'm not doing anything to it.
    The vibration came from the crank being loose in the block. I found this while putting a different crank in it. I thought the original crank was bent, causing the vibration (which it might be), but the bearing saddles are wallowed out. They need to be welded up and line bored to spec again. Jim Ruck can do this, but I didn't get a quote for it.
    Motor ran hard, right up until being disassembled. 6500+rpm, no problem. Pushed my 30' Scarab 74mph with the pair of these. Never been grenaded or repaired (not welded).
    $1800 + shipping or pickup in Vegas. The sister powerhead to this one is also available in perfect running condition for $3500. The were built at the same time as a matched pair.

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    good luck with the sale wacka boy

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