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Thread: Yamaha Powered Pantera

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    I just started enjoying this 24' Pantera with a single Yamaha 250 HP HPDI. It is fast and fun. GaryM
    I will post some pics if someone tells me how.

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    1. You need to get the picture uploaded to your computer's hard drive. This can be done by either using a digital camera or scanning a regular picture.
    2. Once it is on the hard drive, open up www.*** and click on the girls in the center of the main page.
    3. Click on the media center.
    4. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on "post your picture."
    5. Follow those instructions and "upload" the picture to ***boat's media center.
    6. After uploading, re-open the picture to its large size and right click on it. Scroll down to properties and click on that.
    7. Copy the http//: address in its entirety.
    8. Come back to the forum here in the outboard section and post a new reply. Paste the address you copied in the reply and put in front of it and behind it with no spaces in between.
    Good Luck

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    We ever gonna see those pics?

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    I have more time so the pics are coming. The boat is a 24' Pantera Sport, white with red, blue and yellow graphics, stand up bolsters, Stainless Marine bracket with swim ladder, 2003 - 250 Yamaha HPDI, Yamaha electronic gauges,hydraulic steering, Yamaha throttle with trim and electric hatch. The boat runs about 65 mph with a 23" Mirage turning 5400 rpm. I will post pics soon. GaryM

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