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Thread: 6.5' x 14' Flatbed trailer for sale!

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    This is a 2005 (originally sold in 2006) PJ trailer. Inside dimensions are 6'5" x 14'. Overall the trailer is 8' x 18' including the tongue. I purchased this trailer from the original owner who had only used it a hand full of times and I myself have NEVER used it! I picked it up a few months back, towed it home and stuck it in the garage for the summer. We just purchased a toy hauler so I have no need for it anymore.
    Here a the specs:
    - single axle (very easy to push around...definitely a one man job, even with bikes on it)
    - 2" Bulldog coupler and wheel jack
    - tongue channel goes all the way back to the front of the axle (instead of just being welded to the front of the frame...original owner was going to carry a Suzuki Samurai but never did)
    - trailer brakes
    - recessed LED lights all around
    - Load Range D tires are like new / also has a new Load Range C full size spare
    - aluminum diamond plate fenders
    - fold down rear gate
    - front side rails (also act as ramps) come out to allow front loading of a quad/bike on either side of the trailer
    - plenty of eye hooks for tie downs
    - garage kept
    This is a high quality strong trailer I'm just looking to get what I put out for the trailer, nothing more nothing less. This thing is in great shape and I hate to get rid of it but it's just not going to get used. Located in Los Angeles with pink slip in hand! $1150 :2purples:
    PM me if interested or call me at 310-908-7975

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    ttt :2purples:

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    I was the original owner of this trailer (Hey Brian), and sold it to Brian. He is right. It is an excellent quality heavy duty trailer (not made of crappy angle iron). I wish I could have kept it. You will not be disappointed in the build construction! Good luck with the sale.

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    lower price?

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    Check your PM

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    Check your PM
    PM sent

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