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    I've got an 89 hydrostream hst that runs on gps 123mph. I was thinking about more engine mods and such,but before I do I was wondering if anyone knows if the boat does anything stupid around 130 or better. I don't really know what the boat capabilities are, and don't want to find out the hard way if you know what I mean. I feel I've done well with what I have but it feels so safe at 120 range I can't beleive it can't do more. well if anyone knows please let me know. Thanks wcougarman

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    Michael Martin
    A HST running 123. I would love to know more.
    What has been done to the boat bottom and what outboard & mods.

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    i have heard of an hst running about 136.5 but thats about as fast as if heard

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    Please....tell us what you're running for set up. Because I've never seen one of these run over 110 without HUGE amounts of horsepower.

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    the won i heard of had a 3.6 liter v-8 johnson with lots of mods

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    Hey cougarman, we really need to hookup & go boating. I've got an SS2000 with a stock 2.5 260 that does 155mph !! Scott

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