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Thread: Pair of 175 evinrudes

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    Today i was offered a pair of 1996 175 60 degree v evinrudes for $2000 One runs like a top and the other one has a bad knock in it the one has perfect compression and the other im not sure of, is this a god deal should i buy them?

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    Do you have any use for them, or can you sell them to a customer/friend, etc. I would say the good one is worth $2,000 alone. If you didn't feel like messing with the O/B with the knock, then you could part it out. The gearcase should be worth at least $750. Good Luck

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    Yes i have a use for them but i was not sure if it was a god deal or not they only have about 500 hours on them. i am thinking that the knock is coming from them gearcase anyway

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    SnapperTapper, A friend of mine has a pair of 200's that he is looking for an offer on. Check them out here: My Personal Site

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