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Thread: USC Tickets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    King on the River
    My wife and I are planning on going to the USC-CAL game in Nov 10th. Does anyone here have any seats to that game that they would be interested in trading for a USC home game? I am a season ticket holder (4 seats) for the USC Trojans with some good seats. Also we are thinking about hooking up w/ some friends for the Raiders v. Bears game in Oak the next day if anyone has a line on any of those tix.
    Fight On!

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    King on the River

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    King on the River
    STUB HUB Sucks! I will never use again, I would rather use ebay. I was just trying to cut out the middle man and save some fee's.

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    Sorry, but if you for some reason could not make a home game (or 2) this season, I'd be interested in not letting the tickets goto waste :idea:

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    El Chingon
    Hey King, go to at 8pm tonite.They are releasing tix for the sc/cal game.Taking my roadtrip this year to Seattle to see the Mighty Trojans take on the Huskies.Good Luck and Beat the Huskers!!!! Steve

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    El Chingon
    I take that back...they have already put them on sale.

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    King on the River
    still looking,
    Great butt kicking last night. poor cougars, lol

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    Big Warlock
    Try Craig's List. Orange county and LA. You'll find them there.

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