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Thread: Veggie Tale! Worker Stabbed In Fight Over Produce

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    Dont fock with the cucumbers.
    A supermarket produce man was stabbed and his co-worker was arrested in Orange after an argument over the proper way to stack cucumbers and plantains.
    Abraham Marquez was arrested and booked for investigation of assault with a deadly weapon. The injured worker, whose name is being withheld, was treated by paramedics for a wound to his arm.
    Police say the men were stacking produce Wednesday at La Carreta Supermarket when they got into a heated discussion over the right way to stack piles of plantains and cucumbers.
    The argument escalated and the workers went outside and began throwing punches in the store's parking lot. Marquez then allegedly pulled out a steak knife and stabbed his co-worker.
    Marquez ran home a few blocks away and was arrested by police.

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    La Carreta?
    Probably a stabbing there once a week.

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