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Thread: I need a solid big block!

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    I'm looking for a solid big block complete in the 3k range, please pm me if you have something available. I'm upgrading from a '78 sb, so I need a bellhousing, 14'flywheel, dampner, etc.... Mating to a V/P SX drive..

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    Check your pm...

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    I have a GenV 4 bolt 1 piece rear main seal, new .060 over speed pro .095 pop up hyperutectic pistons,rebuilt 119cc rect. port heads, new scat h beam rods full floaters,new gm forged std std forged steel crank, all balanced, new14 qt Dan olson pan(jet),New flywheel, new sfi chrome dampner, new quiet gear drive, comp cams extreme marine cam .575 lift , New crane push rods, new comp cams magnum roller rockers, new 10 deg locks w/ new valve lash caps,ss valves, new hv oil pump,new weiand team g intake, 750 dbl pump. complete from carb to pan, including mercury wiring harness,no headers, less than 20 hours and never spun over 4800 6al avail.
    $3800 obo
    Lee Garcia

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    Choices, choices.....

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    I also need other parts to mate to a late model V/P SX. I'm upgrading from a '78 sb, V/P280. Gonna need a bellhousing, 14" flywheel, dampner. etc.....

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    why ya need a Bell housing SB chevy and big block chevy have the same bolt pattern

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    My old flywheel, no dampner, is pre-86 (small) 13" didn't think the old bellhousing would fit the 14" flywheel and dampner depth wise.

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    Why don't you buy a 454 HO from GM. All new parts and not that much more $$

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