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Thread: V10 Christmas

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    Okay boys, I saw a little poem the other day and had to do one for the V10 crew. Dont get me wrong I love the Powerstroke.
    The Night Before a V10 Christmas
    ‘Twas the night before Christmas
    And all though the hood
    There were Super DutyÂ’s pullinÂ’
    DeliverinÂ’ the goods.
    When way down the street
    There rose such a clatter
    All the V10 owners
    Had to see what was the matter
    Out of his truck
    He grumbled in rage
    A Power Stroke owner
    Had seen better days
    Black smoke belched
    But the beast would not start
    Just sat in the drive
    Like a sick old fart
    The V10 owners
    With their heads held high
    Said, “That is the reason
    No Diesels we drive!”
    With 10 pistons burninÂ’
    And 4 tires turninÂ’
    They delivered their goods
    To the youngsters a yerninÂ’
    On Crew Cab, on Super,
    And Regular Cab too,
    WeÂ’ll take care of Christmas
    When the sick diesels wonÂ’t do
    So when Chritsmas is close
    And the children all hope
    DonÂ’t try to depend
    On a sick Power Stroke
    To deliver the goods
    And make the kids smile
    Get a V10
    And count down the miles
    Merry Christmas Folks!

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    Jim<---Loves his V10 powered F-250

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    Fast Freddy
    i luv my year 2003 V-10 powered F-250 superduty too. i modded my engine with jba headers, flowmaster muffler and i converted the stock W-pipe to a flowmaster Y-pipe. i also have superchips max micro tuner. i think i making close to 375 hp and 500 tq now. my liscense plate frame says 'the GILA MONSTER"
    here are a few pix of my terrible lizard

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    I also have a 03 250 v10 and love it. I have the FM 50 and was thinking of doing the JBA headers as well. Did you notice alot of differance with the headers? BTW nice rig Do you have any leaks with the headers?

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    Fast Freddy
    cc322- that is nice truck you got there. i highly recommend the jba headers. mine are jet hott coated and i used stage 8 locking bolts. i estimate that i picked up at least 15 hp with them and another 5 hp off the Y-pipe conversion. the flowmaster muffler probably gave me another 10 HP. the superchips provides the biggest gains (up to 25 hp on 91 octane). the superchips allows you to advance your timing and give the engine more fuel. it has 3 different tunes in it for 3 different grades of gas and towing. it also allows you to adjust your shift points higher, etc. i don't use the shift firmness feature though because i have a factory tech valve body which is way better for increasing your shift firmness as opposed to increasing line pressure with the superchips. i run 4.30 gears and ARB air lockers front and rear too and this helps with the bigger tires. installing a K&N air intake snorkel assembly would make another 10 hp but i haven't done that yet.
    the only downside that i see to the V-10 is gas mileage. but i got around this by installing a 50 gallon transfer flow auxilliary fuel tank in the bed of my truck. this feeds the existing stock 29 gallon fuel tank via a digital contoller and auxilliary fuel pump. i carry a total of 79 gallons of 91 octane now. i can pull my 25 ft nordic from tucson to lake havasu and back now without refilling.

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    Sounds like you are making some good HP . Do you have the part # on the headers?. How much did you pay for them, and did you do the install yourself?

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    v10 and diesel,,,,love them both

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    Does anyone have the new 3 valve V-10 motor? Al

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