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Thread: MSD 6AL need help

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    I put in a MSD 6AL today and I cant get it to rev above 3000-3500 has anyone had a problem like this before? it has the adjustable RPM selector and it did the same thing at all of the settings, I also tryed to disconect the Rev limiter and the same thing, I could not get above 3000 or so. Any thoughts?

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    Go back over the directions about how to set it up for 8 cyl I bet your on 6 or 4!

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    Thats what I thought but that was not it http://free.*** Keep the Ideas comming.

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    Was the MSD the only change you made to your ignition system? What are the other components? Did everything work properly before the addition of the MSD? If so, can you revert to previous setup and confirm it works OK? I have a 6AL ready that I am ready to install and it came with a list of compatible/incompatible coils. Did you check to see if the coil you have is compatible? On another forum JetBoatGuru mentioned checking all the grounds. I recommend you recheck ALL of the connections and verify they are all correct and tight. If all else fails, call the tech line.
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    The MSD6AL comes with 2 revlimiter chips that must be installed with the ignition off, to prevent shorting out the box. I had to purchase a kit with the various chip sizes,(seperately). Is your motor reving to 3000 & hitting the revlimiter or just not getting any RPM? I use the Blaster SS coil PN 8207, worked perfect. Their Tech line no. is 915 855-7123 I talked to them Friday hey are very knowledgable and extremely helpful.
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