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Thread: 427 Crank needed!

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    Ex PSI Canyon
    E-mail or PM me. Thanks, Matt

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    Matt, check your PM's!..

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    Matt..Check this out....May have what your looking for....
    Originally Posted by obnoxious001
    Anybody looking to build a 427? I have a balanced assembly with a good nitrited GM crank, Carrillo rods, Arias domed pistons, probably about 11-1 with normal 119cc heads, and Fluidamper if I remember correctly. Rod bearings are still with the rods, everything good enough to put straight into a block. Been saving these for a race engine for my Vega that currently has a fresh 396, but that project has not been a priority. I also have a couple of 427 cranks by themselves, and some new TRW forged 427 pistons as well, $250. Come to think of it, I have some 6.535" (.400" long) Carrillos also, $500

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    I also have one with a fresh turn. .010/.010 PM for info. Dan

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