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    I purchased my previuos Rex catalog in 1996.I have tried to get a new one, but no luck.When I say new, I mean 99, 01, 02,etc.Either my timing is bad or we are not on the same page.I have went on line to your see your stuff.You have a good website,However.The company has some items that are available, that the general boat world is not aware of.I sold one of your grab handles,an old item, to a dirt racer.

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    Still working on it. Now that summers coming to an end progress will accelerate again. Sorry Del just not enough hands here to do it all on time or even close to on time in this case I guess. No excuses. It's one reason alot of the products are now online so at least you have some means of access to the new stuff. It is coming and if you've registered or called you are on the list. I know it's been frustrating. been that way here too believe me. frown

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    Thanks for the response, I will give your place a call after the holiday weekend.

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