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Thread: Christmas Day. Miami vs. The Kings of L.A.

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    It should be a good one.
    Also, Detroit vs. San Antonio this will be another game to enjoy.

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    Essexive G's
    Eerrr, The Kings of L.A. is a hockey club, and they're off for Christmas.
    Just sayin.

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    He meant to say Queens of LA..........

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    No, how about the owners?

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    Orlando is in the bag, chaulk up another win for the Lake show. Next stop Miami.
    Everyone can say the Lakers are not a playoff team, maybe, maybe not, but they are rolling and nobody is stopping them.

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    Where is SWB and DILLIGAF!?!?!?!
    This thread is me trying to get you two started...

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    You never paid on OUR bet, I'm not talking hoops with you anymore.
    What bet? I did the avatar and logo in the sig deal? what else was there?

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    F The Clippers!

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    I'm not DILLIGAF.
    What was our bet?

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    Lets hope the game is as good as the HYPE :argue:

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