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Thread: bumper draggin buick

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    Blown 472

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    Back Forty
    Here's an Olds for the mix. Don't under estimate a Buick. Look the other way when a Small Block Olds comes your way.

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    Jet City
    Holy Shite! Nice pics, torque monsters in action. I used to own a '69 F-85 350 4v post top coupe, I have always liked the '69's.

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    Yeah baby That's what torque will do. Makes a great photo op 'Course usually break a lot of crap when it comes down eek!

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    Back Forty
    I think the event was actually focused on best wheel stand. This wasn't the winner I believe.. eek!
    Don't throw that old "Torque" thing around with a plant like this one.
    Thats an Olds Nascar block trimmed out to 385 cu. in. and he's up in the clouds with the rpm's. Thats Greg Godon's ride.

    smile_sp smile_sp smile_sp

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    Racing Ray
    The one time I pulled out all the stops and removed the wheelie bars no one was taking pictures!! I was pissed. Here is what NHRA announcer Rick Carlson posted after my pass on the Super Stockers message board. Nothing like going 90+ on 2 wheels.

    In competition I set it up for launches more like this. The big wheelstands are great for fan appreciation but not always the best for ETs. Hard to go fast just pushing air with the front end let alone the entire bottomside. Love the pictures just wish the cameras would have been on for my show stopper.

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    Back Forty
    Right on Ray!

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    How's about another big Buford Here's Mikes 69 Buick Wagon. When he finally got it to keep the wheels down he went 9.17 with a 528" Buick and a Lenco.
    Can't find hipo stuff, he built his own heads, intake, cam, roller rockers and more. So he started a company called TA Performance. They make an aluminum V-6 for the Turbo guys and are working on an alumnum 455 block.

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    Looks like there's at least one ROP'r over here, LOL
    nice pics

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