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Thread: I hate WINTER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Jr Jetter
    I hate winter.....bring back the sun, the fun, the _____________ (fill in the blank) ................... !!!!!!! ( is f&^%ing good times !!!)

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    Are You Guys Getting Ice Down There?

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    i'm right with ya jr j

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    Ahhhhhh.......cant Wait

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    I'm a new member here as I just took ownership of a 1985 Taylor LP on Wednesday morning at Smith Mt. Lake.
    It was not even 30 degrees (friggin cold) but god did I want to drop it in the water and take it for spin. I'm counting the days til spring now

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    Welcome aboard! Post up some pics of your new ride. Where bouts in Va are ya?

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    I live in Northern Va but do all my boating at Smith Mt. lake in southwestern VA. I just put the taylor on storage down there to await my return come spring! I don't really have many pics but here's couple.

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    moparjet From Manassas.....we Get About 8 Jet Boats Out On The Potomac....we Will Have To Get Together Come Spring

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    Ahoy! Almost Feels Like Spring Today! Im In Springfield, Welcome To Hot Boat!

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