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Thread: Back in tha day.

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    Blown 472
    gasser slide show
    Just open and let it run.

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    Very cool!

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    Way cool. Willys are bad ass. Hot Rod 1979. It is a movie with a bad willys. Ig you have not seen it check it out.

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    Blown, thanks dude, very cool, brought me back a while. I remember "Big John Mazmainian's" Willy's & his Cuda Funny cars in the 70's man he had the most beautiful cars back then, nice to see he's still around.

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    I'm speechless...... what a great album of photos. Absolutely brought mist to my eyes looking at the images that were burned in my mind as a gawking teenager.
    You are the man, Blown. THANKS!!!!!!!!!!

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    Nice timing Blown, just today I was out at IRP for the Goodguys checking out the swapmeet and for some reason in amongst all of the cars coming and going I heard one that was kinda different. I looked up to see a Willys coupe coming in the gate, blown, injected, zoomies, you name it and a street driven deal at that!
    Tomorrow I'm taking the camera!

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    Blown 472
    Here ya go.... Bitchen pix, thanks.

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