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Thread: Help diagnose condition of berkley Pump

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    I just got this boat, havent dropped it in the water yet, and so far im in the middle of motor swapping. While im waiting for that to be done, Im looking at the pump while the motor is out. its a 12JC with a place diverter and im wanting to know how do you diagnose the condition of the pump? Is there an inspection cover? I notice when I turn the ujoints by hand there is hardly no play up and down on the shaft, but in and out there is some play. When I pull it out and turn the shaft, it grinds and i feel some resistance. Is that normal? Maybe it wont do that submersed in water?
    Also, are there any pump techs in GA??
    Also tell me, do these boats (18' with 455 olds) put out neck snapping acceleration like a jet ski, or do I have to make special mods for that? I cant wait to wow my friends this summer.

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    Sounds like rebuild time to me. Grinding is not good, it should be smooth. You can probably get it rebuilt for about $600.00 (stock) if you dont need an impeller. Now's the time

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    Red Horse
    Gonna need a rebuild. Grinding is not good. I had Jack McClure at Marine Performance Designs in Costa Mesa do mine. Really happy with it!!

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    Is this somthing i can do myself? Or would it require an investment of special tools?

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    I have a 12JC in my first boat. I had a similar situation to yours, only I got to enjoy a couple months of fun before my thrust bearing failed and ruined my impeller. I can tell you that I just finished the tear-down of the pump, and it has been challenging enough to be fun, but definitely doable by a non-mechanic such as myself. A rebuild kit with an impeller runs about $400 (I haven't purchased my kit yet) and you can get enough info online to do it yourself. This forum is the best on the web for technical expertise. I would also highly recommend purchasing the "Seloc Marine Jet Drive Manual" for about $30 - it will warn you about trick positioning of certain bearings & seals, etc. right types of oil & grease, and give you some cheap insurance that you are doing it right. GO FOR IT!
    BTW, that is a very nice looking boat.
    Blessings to you and yours this Christmas!

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    Squirtin Thunder

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    You can get that grinding on almost all pumps, new or not, after towing the boat. A LOT of dirt and little rocks can get into the intake just by pulling the boat down the road a little ways. The dirt and rocks get lodged between the impeller and wear ring which causes the grinding noise and the damage. Hi-Tech has a cover that mounts to the trailer bunks to help prevent the crap from entering.
    None of that is to say you don't need a rebuild but it's somethng well worth thinking about after you do the rebuild.
    After a tow and before starting the engine, I always back the boat into the water then pull it out. Doing so helps clear that dirt and crap out before firing it all up.

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    Thanks guys, Im going to rebuild it myself.

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    1899 I redid mine in the summer I think and it was as easy as I was told it is.
    had it powder coated and dumped the race style nozzle for a deverter and it actually ran better.
    and yes it needs a rinse.

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    Squirtin Thunder

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