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Thread: Odd Xmas night dream.......

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    So this morning, while sugarplumb fairies are dancing in my kids head...I find myself having this very odd dream.
    I am walking down a fairly crowded urban sidewalk. It was a warm and sunny morning. Suddenly a door opens at the front of one the buildings I am passing by. A man steps out with a briefcase. He is wearing a suit. Not a tall fellow. He keeps his head down and walks along next to me, not really on purpose, we just had the same pace.
    I looked at him, and he seemed familiar to me somehow. Where did I know this fellow? I couldn't place his name but I knew he was in a TV show. Me, not wanting to be a dorky fan type person, I ask him if he still get residuals from his show. I can't remember the show, of course....
    His face is so familiar, but I can't place the name of him or his show......he replies that he gets a few bucks, but he still has to work....We stop to talk a bit more and......back in real life my kids come running into the bedroom snapping me from this odd but interesting is, afterall Christmas morning. Not one that you could sleep late on, at least if you have kids.
    So I am awake, laying in bed quizzing my wife on who this actor is. I can remember the other guy. They were detectives. Brothers. They lived in San Diego. Show was in the early 80's. The other guy was Gerald McRainey. He married Delta Burke......all these clues Ihave, but we can't remember the guys name.......finally the internet reveals more clues. I search McRainey for his past work. Simon & Simon!!!. OK keep going, the other guy's face pops up...
    His name...still can't place it......but its Jameson wonder I couldn't remember it. I never even knew it. LOL

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    Phat Matt

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    Hmmmmmm..... :idea:

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    Brown says he dreams of Jameson ...often.......

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    Homo. Agreed!

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    Pillow biter. I have dreams of Jessica Simpson and you are having dreams of guys......

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    Phat Matt
    Pillow biter. I have dreams of Jessica Simpson and you are having dreams of guys......
    I think we are going to have to watch our backs if we hang out with this guy anymore.

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    Note to self... if I ever see Mandelon at the the other way.

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    Mandy are changing your signature after that

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    6 Dollar Boat
    I think this thread belongs in Cat's n Tunnels, with all the other GAY threads... :rollside:

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