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Thread: Fighter Plane Wreckage in the Desert

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    Dream Chaser
    Does anybody remember the thread that contained the pictures and location of the fighter plane wreckage in the desert?

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    Dream Chaser

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    Ping River Rat Mike.
    He should have them in his files.

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    Dream Chaser
    I thought it was around Havasu area

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    There is a WW II era fighter plane that crashed into Lake Havasu. the wreckage is an identified dive spot according to a map I got at the boat show.

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    The wreckage is in the Parker area, and according to River Rat Mike, hard to find. You need to get hold of him.

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    Dream Chaser
    Thats it thanks!!
    "This F4 crashed sometime in 1980. My grandfather knew of the crash just days after it had happened. Ever since then, I have been going to the crash site about once a year just to look around at all the thousands of broken parts. The crash site is located about 15 NW of Parker, AZ off Shea Road. I'm one of the very few that know about this crash site and where it is located. The whole tail section of the F4 is still intacked and still laying up on amountain

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    For more information on plane crashes visit
    They list some of the crash reports on the site.

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    talk to riverratmike for sure,he sounds like he has been there a couple of hundred times.he not to easy to get a map out of though.

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