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Thread: Anyone have a 454 4 bolt block?

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    I need one. If you have one, please let me know how much, where and the condition. Thanks again!

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    I have an early standard bore 2 bolt never been rebuilt, cleaned , magged, sonic tested, thinnest spot is .190. I'll throw in a set of 4 bolt caps if you want to convert it!. I'll take $500!...

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    Justin, FYI,
    Any BBC can be set up with aftermarket 4-bolt caps...and I've heard they can be stronger than OEM 4-bolt stuff.

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    I know, but I am doing this on a budget. AND, I am trying to do 100% of the machine work. I already have a 2 bolt block, I am just a little funny about spinning it 7500 rpms with two bolts....
    I suppose some people run big horsepower with 2 bolts, so what the heck. Two bolts it is......

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    cum on dude
    budgit does not equel Sanger,,,,,

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    I'm running a 2 bolt and I spin mine 7500 but I use studs on the mains!. For maximum strenght for blown applications, you start with a 2 bolt and use aftermarket steel splayed caps along with steel front and rear caps!..

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    Yeah, stud your mains...

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    Originally posted by Brodie
    cum on dude
    budgit does not equel Sanger,,,,,
    This is my first motor I have ever built where I did all the machine work myself so I am being conservative until I am a "proven" machinst. I will put in a super duper one next year. Besides, a few little birdies have told me that there are lots of ends you can cut to save money. A lot of super expensive parts are not necessary unless you have more money than brains....

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    Not to beat a dead horse here, but if it were my money I'd look into a 2-bolt block and upgrade to splayed caps just as it was mentioned above. Main-studs are another good insurance policey from what I've researched.
    ~Ty ....gotta get back to my new motor project as well

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    Have a four bolt Gen V Mercruiser short block that needs a crack in the water jacket welded. $400.00

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