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Thread: Imco SC Drive Failures ... Beware!

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    Well... I have to admit I was truly not expecting this situation to be worked out, especially so quickly, but it has. Fred Inman Sr. and I spoke this morning on the phone about my situation and we have reached an agreement/concession that will both satisfy me personally and also renew my hope with Imco and thier commitment to service after the sale. I would prefer not to divulge all of the details, but one very important factor for me, and all of you, was that according to Fred Sr., Imco will be more receptive when dealing with people when we have parts failures.... basically looking at the individual situation rather than a blanket style assumption. Lets be honest, high performance parts do break... sometimes it's the consumers fault sometimes it's the manufacturers.... I guess with my situation we will never Truly Know exactly what happend, but a smart business owner(Fred Sr.) and a boat owner (Me) were able to reach a fair compromise that renews my personal hope in them as a company and thier products. I hope and believe this means a higher level of service from Imco to all of us... Thank you to all of you for the support here and PM responses too, thanks to all of you my family and I can put this situation behind us and get back to boating

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    79 HUSTLER
    I hope this will catches their eye and make this right for you and others. That sucks-hope you get it taken care of. KELLY

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    I wonder if he will warranty his own drives when blows them up sitting behind the quad rotors?
    Sorry to hear that Charley, I noticed IMCO introduced the new stronger gimbal assembly at the show...

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    Originally posted by carbonmarine
    Getting Teague Custom Marine to stand behind something or someone without getting ****ed is next to impossible....
    ** You get no kisses there either before you get over charged for serviceable/replacable products
    ( To borrow) I might be wrong; but again, its only my opinion ..
    I can only tell you when I dealt with Bob he was a stand up guy and handled it...I'm sorry if you have not had a similar experience but thats not what this thread is about so stop hijacking it!

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    Charley what is it costing you to get it fixed???
    Unleashedclothing ( :devil:

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    You know the boys over there at IMCO read these boards also. Every "boat builder and Marine place" reads these boards. A little advice, We all talk and know the shit that certain Companys try or have tried to pull on one of "us." Save yourself headaches, and the smack talk, step it up and do the right thing. A kind word about a problem that was taken care of goes along way.

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    I agree, especially with as many high HP applications people have here on the boards. I'm dissappointed to hear that IMCO would acknowledge the problem with a publicized "upgrade" but deny there was a problem when it came time to back it up. If they were my drives I'd sell them, tell everyone why I sold them and tell everyone not to buy one for the rest of my life. If you can't get satisfaction up front, get your pound of flesh out of their asses!

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    That situation sucks, I used to think of them as having very high quality products but something may be amiss in this plan...
    If they were my drives I'd sell them, tell everyone why I sold them and tell everyone not to buy one for the rest of my life.

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    For every good experience someone has, they tell 7 people, for every bad one, they tell 11 ....... I think ..... Sounds like you got taken Charlie, hopefully they stand up like Dave did for you, he came out smelling like roses in the end and probably sold a few more boats becuase of it. I like the size of those XR's when I was at the show last year, it looks like they can take anything (this coming from a jet guy )

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    That sucks Charley! Sorry to hear that!
    I thought Imco would handle this obvious warranty issue for you.
    Question: What does Imco say the drives are rated to and what is the length of their so called warranty?
    So are you going with XR's? If so I think they will stand up to the hp that you are pushing better than the IMCO's.
    By the way: you still owe me a ride in that 29!

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