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    Drunk tank
    Wheres a good place to get an short aluminum scoop for a single carb setup? Put some thought into putting my velocity stack back on but decided it looked lame... A scoop would be pimp shit! I kinda wanna keep it under 150 bucks though.

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    Unless you like polishing, I seriously recommend stainless.
    You never have to polish it. Just wipe the water spots off. I think they're pretty close in price too.
    Yup same price for aluminum or stainless from Rex $129
    part numbers
    182-160 aluminum tall
    182-300 stainless
    Rex scoops (

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    i have one like the one pictured for a single carb, 125.00 e-mail me if interested

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    Drunk tank
    whats this "note: scoop does not include hold down device"
    How the hell are you supposed to hold it down then? Says a flame arrestor will hold it down...but whats the purpose of that (other than arresting flames)? seems like it'd just impeed airflow. How did you guys mount them things without an arrestor?

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    If you don't have a flame arrestor in it and it is on the boat facing forward, the cops freak out. I had 5 cops telling me horror stories of back fires that caused third degree burns while they were threatening to take me to jail for no spark arrestor and no HIN #s Because they were too stupid to find the hull ID #s. Not bad for my second weekend at the river. Oh yeah, and a wake in the no wake zone. I was at an idle. $200.00 and I was not to return until I had Hull ID #'s. They were on the back of the boat. so I was out the next day. The flame arrester also helps to keep bugs and water out K&N will work but I have seen a bunch of flame arrestors on e-bay lately cheap.

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