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Thread: Met Jim Anderson Yesterday

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    He seems to have a bit of a split personallity. with a femanin side (did I spell that right?)
    I love the idea of turning the flatty into a taco stand. (with hubcap spinners to boot)!
    Nice meetin ya!!

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    Where did ya meet Her ah ,,,, Him at?

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    So you just met Anderson eh? Or is it that you have known them for years but just found out it's Anderson???
    With all that's going on with the NHRA I'm shocked to know that there is any time for a flatbottom or a taco stand.

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    I hear he's a real SWELL FELLA i think he's a lifetime member in the RAINBOW club!!!

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    What quailties was he showing to deem him feminine???
    I'm startin to think he's not for real!!!
    Rainbow club...that's scary.
    That's it, he's officially of the christmas card list:yuk: .

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    What nationality is he??

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    Originally posted by smalls
    What nationality is he??
    I think he's full blooded tacoan

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    Maybe his whole career started at the mexican phone company,,,
    Taco Bell,,,

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    I don't know what scares me more, that Jim Anderson has a feminine side or the fact that V-drive picked up on that vibe and seems to be dwelling on it. :yuk:

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    Its time JIM came out of the CLOSET!!!!

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