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Thread: Berk pump rebuild questions...

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    Hey guys- I hope some of you pump gurus can help me out- I just started the rebuild of my Berk JC-A with a complete kit from Aggressor(thanks Mr. CBM)- I have the old thrust bearing and grease seal off, all packing rings out, old wear ring out. I think I read somewhere that the thrust bearing has a notch, and that the notch should face forward toward the flywheel- is this correct? That's how the old one was installed-
    Second- How and when should the packing rings be installed? Before or after shaft is re-installed?
    Third- How much side clearance should the impeller have between the lipped wear ring and side of the impeller?
    Fourth- How much front clearance between the front edge of the impeller and the "lip" on the wear ring?
    Last, but not least- the shaft exhibits what I would consider noticeable wear where the old packing rings were on the shaft- is this normal, and if so, how much wear is acceptable?
    Any other helpful hints are greatly appreciated.
    Thanks in advance, Stan

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    Thanks, I got your pm- That is exactly what I was looking for- I appreciate the reply! Stan

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    i got a new skf bearing it does not have a notch . what do you yall think?

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    Duane HTP
    I think you have a wheel bearing.

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