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Thread: 8 Vane,9 Vane,11 Vane Somebody educate me please

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    Okays guys, I need some help on this one. What are the reasons for bowls with different vanes. Where is one better than the other. Have any of you ever tried a bowl with a different number of vanes, and if so what happened. Is this another one of those "Oh the jetboat guys will buy anything to try and go faster" kind of things?? I am interested in what the Pro's and consumers think on this one.

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    Its all in the Flow and Back pressure, But to make it short you want the 9 vane.
    Will it make you faster Dunno all boats are different, They all Like a lill diff. set up.

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    You are going to get a lot of opinions on this. If you want the opinion of a race winner and pro pump builder, call Duane at Hi-Tech Performance 316-794-8616. I will be delivering my boat to him Friday AM so he can work some of his magic.

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    I agree with Texas Jet
    If your going to Duane your in Good hands!
    I was going to let him do the work on my rides till I moved Out here to Vegas but now Im not so sure what to do.

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    DORIGHT, I will be posting the results of his work in due time. I will also be posting pics. My boat is not a low profile Cali type boat. It is probably fairly heavy also. We will see what he can do.

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