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Thread: Dr. Eagle Sportin' Wood At The Boatshow

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    Are you going Saturday? I was there last saturday, but am tempted to go again this weekend to see you, and buy you an overpriced beer or cocktail of your choice

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    Come on LASERAY, I was ready to see Doc's wood !!:eek!:

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    Originally posted by j-rod
    Come on LASERAY, I was ready to see Doc's wood !!:eek!: A somewhat catchy title for a thread, no? I think it scared the Dr. away. That or he doesn't want to see me at the show.:cry:

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    Dr. Eagle goes camping...

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    Dr. Eagle
    LOL, you guys are killing me!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Yep I am going to the show on Saturday...anyone want to hook up, PM me...
    I think the guy in that picture passed out from blood loss when his salame filled up!!!!!!!!

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