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    This is an obviously stupid question, but why do #6 drives have aeration tubes on them?

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    Helps the Props break loose on take off....big props, big torque big engine, high x dimension, surface drive....needs help getting out of the hole...

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    That was my guess but I wasn't sure. I saw the same setup on the Fountain with turbo diesels. Needed to aerate the props until the Turbo kicked in. How does your F26 do out of the hole?

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    Hits harder than I thought, but not as hard as a blower motor boat with say a Teague 740 or 800....On the other hand, you can't really pin the blower boats out of the hole unless you like being towed back...At least I never did mine...This one, I can pin it as hard as want...and once it rolls over, it climbs from there..

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    What does the bow do? I recall seeing your Mach and being amazed at how long it took to roll over and how much bow rise it had. I think you were even standing up at one point to see!

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    They both have little bow rise, but the quicker you hit it the quicker they roll...It's always packed in Parker, so its harder to just hit it, so sometimes I stand up to keep an eye on everyone in front of me...

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