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Thread: who has an f26

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    how does your f26 handle and what power do you have

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    no info on the dcb f 26

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    MBrown has one with two outboards. Union Jack has one with a Teague blower motor, an 800 I think. It was at the show. Union Jack's ride was at the show. I think MBrown2's gallery in the image center has pics of both of them being built.

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    roln 20s
    MBrown2- F26 openbow with twin 300x's (his gallery is great)
    XFactor- F26 Openbow with twin 300x's (featured in ***boat open bow tests in 2003)
    UnionJack- F26 with Teague 800 (Pics are in Sandbar thread, topic is "More LA Boat Show Pics.")
    These are great guys, any should be able to answer your Q's. I can say that MBrowns boat is beautiful, haven't ridden in it but have seen it up close.
    Roln 20s

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    yeap they are all correct with my set up... MB looks great, and there are some great pic's of my boat floating around

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    just did the deal with dave and the guys at the show thats why im asking your boat at the show was the candy flawless thats all i have to say and write the check i did a lot of shopping went to sevral builders before the show to get the skinny on there set up

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    Remember when you buy a DCB you are also buying the guys who build them, they are all great, what will be your set up? Not to many do the I/O.... are you joing us or what?

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    definitly the guys are so professional that was the iceing not just the boat i/o for us just the HO but rigged it so i can yank it and throw in that 800 like yours that was nice also rigged it for the blower motor down the road so i can at least whipple it whatever comes first no biggie just proud to have the dcb now

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    Congrats on your purchase...sounds like Dave had a good show....We had a Mach 26 with 502 EFI/Whippled ran right around 90...boat could handle most Havasu had to throw out at...easy boat to drive and handled great.
    Current Boat is F26 with 300x's...runs with feeling of being lighter than the I/O definitely less boat in the water at the same speeds due to CG being different.
    Let me know if you have any other question, be happy to answer to them.
    Dave and his crew will make your boat dreams come true.

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