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Thread: Advantage Banshee with Mariner 2.4 EFI

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    OK guys, looks like I might be coming to the world of blenders(I think that's what some guys call them?) Anyways, looking to get an Advantage Banshee Tunnel with a 2.4 Mariner EFI and wanted to get any opinions, advice, feedback, anything you can supply to help me make an "Informed" decision. I'm sure you've seen it on It's the 1993 in the hot boats section. Does the price seem inline? How about the high compression heads? What are they worth in the used market? Nitrous on an OB? Is that safe? Thanks in advance...

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    Mariner and Mercury are one in the same, same company, same motors.
    I guess that they were attempting to create their own competition.

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    Barney, thanks for taking the time this morning and walking me through the world of outboards... Ivan

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    I am sure Barney gave you good advice, but here is my $.02.
    1. I think the rigging towards the back is sloppy at best. (expanded pictures show back)
    2. The colors leave a little to be desired.
    3. The Banshee/Elim. Scorpion never ran as well as most hulls.
    4. You could by twice the boat for the same money depending on what you want.
    5. I would be concerned buying a used boat rigged with NOS. You don't know how hard he ran it.
    Any boat you buy, make sure you have a compression test done or better yet a leak down test. If it were me, I would consider an STV or mirage with a 2.5L stock motor. It will run just as hard as that boat does on NOS and if you buy it from the right person, should be cleaner (rigging, etc). Expect to pay $12K - $15K.

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    HD, thanks for your 2 cents! I appreciate all the help/advice I can get regarding outboards. As far as the color, damn, I guess I'm going to have to admit that I like it .. The rigging doesn't bother me, since I can do it right, BUT I do agree with you about the nitrous. It has been a concern of mine(If I bought it, I would probably take it off anyways) He mentions about NOT using it, but how about the previous owner? And like you said: "How hard was it run?" As far as the STV's, I know those hulls are extremely fast, and will just about out-perform any other tunnel on the market with same powerplants, BUT, I don't like how they look. Also the back seat in them are rather narrow, even for two extremely thin individuals. I guess I should have added that I'm not actually buying this boat, but rather trading for it. Thanks again..

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    Kim Hanson
    This is what I found on them, I love those boats .....( . )( . ).....'s
    High performance is something which Advantage knows very well. K-Boat championships and jet boat records are proof of that. And bred from that tradition is the 20' Banshee, the sleekest high performance modified tunnel hull on the market. The Banshee is both aerodynamically and hydrodynamically designed to move fast on the water ... with stability and cat-like reflexes that will quicken the heart rate. The choice of power is yours ... jet, outboard or stern drive, the Banshee likes them all. If your boating pleasure demands no-compromise performance, select the no compromise boat that out-runs the rest ... Banshee, there's nothing even close.
    SPECIFICATIONS Hull Length 20'2"
    Beam 86"
    Approx. Weight w/Engine 2000
    Standard Fuel Capacity 40 gal.
    Seating Capacity 6
    Transom Angle 12 degrees
    Hull Deadrise (Tunnel) 16 degrees

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    Kim Hanson
    It won't let me edit this picture into it .........( . )( . )......'s

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    Well then go for it Lakes. Adavantage does build a good boat, not knocking them there. I would recommend a compression test though.
    FYI..........Advantage bought the Eliminator Scorpion mold. The two boats were built from the same mold.

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    You Te
    The Banshee is very similar to the Rapid Craft Riot. I hear nitrous really makes those outboards run.
    Havasu Dreamin,
    Somehow I think if the Banshee was set up right and running nitrous it would spank the Mirage or the STV in the 1/4 mile.
    This is just what I've heard I have no real experience.
    Are you going to BBSP?
    You Te

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    Lakes, not all the STV's are so narrow at the back. The older Pro Comp Ski (like mine) and the River Rocket are, but take a look at a Euro Ski. Full size rear bench or 2 buckets in the back. They are pretty much the fastest O/B boat of that size. You are going to spend a little more for a Euro than a RR or PCS though.
    I didn't see the thread/ad for the boat, so I can't comment further, but what year 2.4 is it? Is it a Bridgeport? What mid and lower is on it?

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