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Thread: Anyone Want To Buy A Home In Los Angeles???

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    Aaron Van Wagner
    I know there is not alot of inventory out ther, but I just got 2 great listings today, first is in 5152 Earl st in La Canada, top 5 public schools in the country every year, FABULOUS MID-CENTURY RANCH STYLE HOME. THIS GATED PROPERTY IS SITUATED IN ONE OF LA CANADA FLINTRIDGE'S PREMIERE NEIGHBORHOODS. THE PROPERTY OFFERS PRIVACY AND WONDERFUL CANYON VIEWS. Its a 3 bed, 3 bath with a bonus room/office, den, master suite with a private patio, completley updated, all gated with a beautiful wood fence, heated pool and deck off living room. Listed at $1,175,000. Approx 2500 sq feet of living space and almost 18K sq ft lot.
    The other one is a Granada Hills listing on 15276 Horace st, a great north valley home listed at $475,000, its almost 1700 sq feet, 3 bed 2 bath, completley remodeled throughout, new granite countertops in the kitchen with stained glass cabinets, recesed ligthing and new electrical and paint, ceiling fans, new main line and waste lines, all copper, new brick patio with fire pit, top of the line appliances, new central a/c and heater, great starter home in great area. New garage door and windows throughout. Lot size is just under 7k sq ft. I will have pictues on monday and there will be an agent caravan on tuesday the 3rd.

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    Lessee, LaCanada-Flintridge home - probably a nice sized lot - I'll guess the asking price is $1,400,000
    How close am I?

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    isn't a "home in Los Angeles" an oxymoron?

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    LC-Flintridge homes are quite expensive, but are well worth it. For what you save in schools and what you gain in the safe neighborhoods and privacy, it is the premire place to live in the area. There is a smaller home on half the lot on a busier street about a quarter mile away listed at $989,000. This house is priced very aggressivley.
    The second home is great, it looks brand new, corner lot and the seller is very flexible.
    Both clients are moving to other homes but there are no contingencies. If you guys have any questions, feel free to call me, I have some other great listings coming up. I also have some units that will be available soon. I just sold a duplex in Tujunga for $319,000 that is making my client $400 positive cash flow a month with a 30k down payment. The deals are out there, you just have to have the right person to find them.

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    How many of you, if any, are in the market to purchase or sell in the greater Los Angeles area ?

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    why would you want to move closer to LA. especially when a 400k plus home is considered a starter home.

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    The reason I really like these homes are the fact that they are great family environments. Anyone that is familiar with the area knows that La Canada is hands down one of the best places to live in the country. Ranked one of the safest and best public shcool district in the nation as well as fabulous private schools (St.Beeds, St.Francis, Sacred Heart, Flintridge Prep). It is centrally located in the Foothills off the 2 and 210 Freeways. This home is a quick drive to the YMCA on Foothill Blvd, local shopping, fine restaurants but still has that "foothill living" feel.
    The Granada Hills home is a great valley location. The north valley (Northridge, Chatsworth, Granada Hills) area is nice and quiet, expanding area. Kilrtoy will tell you and many others that this is a great, safe area. Many prosperous familes reside in the North Valley.

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    Rock-it man
    You guys are all out of your minds, how can you pay those kind of prices. Im a builder /developer up here in Oregon ,we do 10-20 homes a year . Ill build you a new 2600 st 3/2 three car garage,boat storage shop of 30x50 on 5 acres close to the river, lots of huge trees ,all leval usable land ,im talking custom !!! with hardwood floors ,granite kitchen, all the best !!! for $ 395,000.00
    My entry leval of 1800 sg ft on 1/4 acre is only $ 195,000.00
    these are only examples of the pricing up here.But thats OK !!!! we dont need anymore traffic up here > I was down there recently and cant understand why people stay when there is so many other choices. ROCKIT MAN

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    Thats my point, how much are people willing to pay till you just say it's not worth it. 400k for 1700 sq. ft. no thanks I'll sink 400k somewhere else. Maybe I am not a prosperous family, but no way I can even come close to 400k for a place to live, maybe if my wife had a job or something, but right now her job is child developement.
    What do these people do to afford that, are most just moving up or something?

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    Originally posted by bigq
    What do these people do to afford that, are most just moving up or something?
    They are probably clerks or baggers at a local grocery store
    So is Hot Boat going to start a new section for Real Estate listings? I've got some I could post as well.

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