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Thread: Custom Bimini Tops

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    OK guys, summer's almost here and there doesn't seem to be anyone that makes a custom bimini top...just the basic 2 or 3 colors w/ stripes. Sooo... I'll be making those starting next week, to add to my product line of custom canopies. As some of you know, I'm the owner of Cool Cover Canopies here is SoCA, where we manufacture custom portable shade canopies (kinda like EZ-Up), just better quality and colors, and EASY to open ! So , next week I'll be doing a white bimini top with black flames for my buddy's new deck boat, so I'll post some pics when it's done.
    Anyone have ideas of some cool graphics for biminis ? Hey how bout an iron cross ! Just kidding, pissed a buncha people off with that one last time..oh well ! I'm thinking "flames", "tribals", and "splash" (no checkers), would match alot of boat paint schemes out there. PM me and we can come up with some cool new bimini tops !
    Oh, and for you guys that already have EZ-Up canopies, we also make replacements tops for them now...custom colors and designs. PM me for more info.

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    Been looking into replacing my EZ-up top, the wife was going to sew up her own.
    What's your price for a replacement top for the standard 9' by 9' EZ-up?

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    How much for a 10 x 10 pop up unit? And why no checkers, we would like them to match our boat...

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    yeah,what she said. got me interested here.........i'm listenin'

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    would love to see some pics of that bimini when it is completed..

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    Mohavekid: The replacement top for an EZ-Up runs $200, your choice of colors.
    Redneck Girl: I was kidding, we can do checkers, and our 10x10 is $389, your choice of colors. Our 10x15 is $469.
    I'll be posting pics of the new bimini top as soon as we're done with it.

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    Dr. Eagle
    Originally posted by THATJEFFGUY
    we can do checkers,
    Don't tell HH. He haaaatttteesss Checkers!!!!!

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    jerry billet
    I'm in the market for a bimini top. How do I contact you?

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    northern baja
    All right!
    I'm not just looking for canvas. I'm in the market for a complete top (Canvas, frame, and mounting hardware. Do you do it all, or do you specialize in canvas? Please post your # or email. I have a few questions.

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    Bow Tie Omega
    Do you do custom boat covers, I am in need, something to match the BTO

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