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Thread: HELP! Bravo I Failure!

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    So, my bro-in-law was out for the final spin around the lake yesterday in our boat... He was making a corner and started to accellerate when the motor revved and forward thrust ended!!!!
    We towed him back to the dock, winterized the boat and removed the outdrive... The splined shaft that goes from the outdrive to the engine was scuffed up a little... More importantly, we can't see the "female" side for the splined shaft in the boat!!!! It appears we sheared off the "female" splines at the other end of this connection!!!!!
    Does anyone have any thoughts why this happened and more important, how to fix it????
    Thanks for reading the long post!

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    it's the coupler on the motor that is sheared.i think motor alignment will cause this.

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    Racing Ray
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    Did you replace the collar yourself??? In other words, how tough a job is it???

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    Racing Ray
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    Thanks Ray!
    The big problem for us will be getting the engine out where we have it stored for winter (in a tuck under garage)... Should make for a fun Winter project!!!! Maybe we should get the heads worked on as long as we have the motor out????
    Thanks again!

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