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Thread: super bowl streaker video

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    Whata knuckle head :yuk:
    How about the guy who knocked him down

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    Was that an Irish jig?

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    Originally posted by PACKINAIR
    its not working it wint dispaly the page

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    Originally posted by SANGER-RICH
    its not working it wint dispaly the page
    Keep trying .. they are getting a zillion hits I am sure

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    Story of the goofy effer - the streaker (
    HOUSTON -- The second-half kickoff of the Super Bowl was delayed after a man dressed as a referee ran onto the field, stripped down to a G-string and shoes, then started dancing at the 30-yard line.
    Earlier Sunday, Mark Roberts intimated to an reporter upon his release from jail -- circumstances of his most recent incarceration prior to halftime Sunday were unknown -- that he was going to sidestep Reliant Stadium security and infiltrate the grounds of the world's most-watched sporting event.
    In terms of crashing sporting events and stripping down to his G-string, Roberts is the world's best. He doesn't discriminate. Soccer, tennis and rugby matches, golf tournaments, casinos, television shows -- all are fair game for him.
    In the spring of 2003, when he was profiled by, Roberts had dropped his drawers no fewer than 273 times in a 10-year period.
    "At first it was a bit embarrassing," Roberts told last year. "But now it's like taking a bath."
    New England linebacker Matt Chatham leveled the man, identified as Mark Francis Roberts, as he ran from security personnel. The man, who had the name of a gambling Web site scribbled across his chest, was hogtied and carried off the field by police.
    CBS didn't air Roberts to the worldwide television audience, focusing its cameras elsewhere as he was being chased.
    Houston Police spokeswoman Sandra Aponte said police arrested Roberts soon after Chatham got him.
    She said Roberts got into the game with a legitimate ticket, and his referee outfit was held together with Velcro, making it easy for him to rip it off in one movement. He was charged with criminal trespass and public intoxication, and was to be booked into either the city or county jail, she said.
    "He is telling police he's from Liverpool, England. He also claims he is an international streaker and that he has done this at other sporting facilities," Aponte said.

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