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Thread: Current Lake Havasu Water Level

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    Have they started raising the level yet? I was there this past weekend and it was real low. Any current info available?

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    Caribbean Jet
    Very cool site. did you see Lake Mead? I was there for 4Th of July and it was very LOW.:eek!:

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    Cool, I just posted a thread on HSW regarding this same topic. I should have looked here first.

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    Just drove in from the lake. As of this morning it may be up 6", but no more. Word is it will take maybe 2 weeks to get 2 feet higher, which is normal for the winter. I got to launch the wave runner yesterday from the Islander and had the whole lake (and channel) to myself. I still had to push out from the ramp before starting because it was too shallow, and yes it is cold!

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    Lake Powell:
    Max. Elevation: 3,700 Current Elevation: 3,592
    Max. Surface: 160,800 Current Surface: 91,500
    Feet Below Max.:-108 Percent Full: 45%

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