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    Who has the best rates for Home owners and Car insurance? I'm shopping and want to find lower rates.

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    Originally posted by gnarley
    Who has the best rates for Home owners and Car insurance? I'm shopping and want to find lower rates.
    Allstate for Home and Mercury for Auto. I don't think you will be able to beat them.

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    I have Kemper through Heffernen Group in Petaluma, homeowner's and auto all wrapped up nicely under one umbrella. I've compared prices a few times now and nobody has come close.
    As you know, I'm in Sonoma.

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    Last year I switched to AAA for auto, now they have my RV, boat, cars and house. We get a break because of the multi-policy.
    We dropped our insurance cost significantly on all of them.

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    Thanks for the replies so far. I am getting quotes and when AAA quoted me the cars were going to drop by $1000 if they are able to write the policy with one of my wife's two tickets dropping off, 21st said that they won't rewrite the policy until June and she got the ticket 3 years ago in January. But when AAA quoted the home owners it went up by $54 a year, and for them to add the boat my boat coverage would cost me another $50 a year and this would be with all the multi policy discounts. The whole thing doesn't seem that good to me, but the Auto sounded real good and if AAA can drop that by $1000 I wonder what others can do???

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    Mercury beat AAA, 21st Century, Allstate Home Owner/Auto bundle policy, and Geico for me. Been with them for 15 years and have had a few claims. Never a single problem.

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    IMHO you're better off shopping the package. It gives you a better bargaining base. You may not think it's necessary now, but bargaining power is important sometimes. We had 20th Century once for auto. I was front ended by an uninsured idot and they refused to pay out because of a clerical error. They lost out premium check from months previous. They used that unanounced incident to deny coverage when we needed it.
    Had I had all of my ins in one place, and with a good agent, I would not have the same problem. I did get it resolved through the BBB and the Dept of Ins, but what a hastle.

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