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Thread: commander problems

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    i was wondering if anyone has a commander boat. we bought a 24 signature in june 2003 and have had nothing but problems. The boat is supposed to go 63-65 mph and has never gone over 50 mph. we just want our boat to run like a brand new boat should. Has anyone had or are having problems with commander?

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    This outta be good.

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    Welcome Commandergirl, you came to the right place.
    How many hours, which engine, what drive, what prop, what drive ratio and what are the RPM's at top speed? And are you trimming the drive up after you have gotten onto plane?

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    commandergirl i hope u get it figured out am having similar problems with a HTM i will let u knw if i get anything solved i have had about as much luck with customer service at HTM as if i was talking to a box of rocks good luck

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    do you have any info?

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    I have been to a few shops and they all say is ok but i cant trust Utah bayliner mecahnics. I changed my plugs wires dist cap and oter with no luck so i dont u have u tried different props u should post your info moter prop gear ratio rpm ybe some one on here will know what to tell u

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    im not sure about everything, my boyfriend knows everything. the boat probably has 30 hours. but ever since the governor was taken off, its been like that. we mess with the trim , we have tried everything. commander said they took it out on the lake and couldn't get it over 50 mph . they changed the prop too. nothing has worked. the say we need a new motor but mercruiser told us commander needs to do tests to make sure its not an installation problem. mercruiser also said commander has made no attempts to fix this. just for this problem the boat has been there since october and nothing has been done. now mercruiser say they are not mercruiser certified and to take the boat to someone else. we think commander should fix the problem. The owner is a liar and keeps telling us that it will only be two more weeks. hes been saying that since october

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    beer hunter
    If you are in the So Cal area, take the boat to Quality Performance Marine (909 735-5503) in Corona. These guys are factory authorized mercruiser mechanics and know their sh!t

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    What size engine, drive , prop
    need to know so you can get a better answer.....

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