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    getting rid of projects!!
    i have a 74' kona makia hull and trailer for sale the stringer were bad and i took them out (hard part is done) the floor is exelent the top of the boat was already sanded down to gel and it wouldn't take much to get it ready for paint. the intake and transome have been glassed over. the guy was going to turn it into an outboard. so you can cut to fit whatever you want. i will try and get some pics up soon just email me if your interested i dont get to check the forum very often. Im in tulsa Ok
    sombody make me an offer i cant refuse.

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    Maybe this will help you sell your Kona.

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    Why is the boat in the atavar under water???? Aww man that pic hurts my feelings I would call that a bad DAY! I sure hope you saved it.

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    its also my Wallpaper/Screensaver.
    how bout my Signature I've got a theme going on here.
    in 30yrs. of Boating I've never had an "Accident"
    but I remind myself that it could happen,
    maybe I will be extra careful.

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