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Thread: answer to mufflers in bassett headers

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    monkey rage frank
    To answer my own question, about baffels in overtransome headers. I spoke to Paul Bassett today and he gave me some advice. To help quiet the boat I could use h.p. mufflers,which will quiet it down some,but might not pass but come very close. He also sells baffels which will knock out most of the sound if your not going to hot rod they will be fine, such as skiing and cruzing around. I'm not looking to get in trouble but I personnaly love the sound of my very loud headers,so I will get the h.p. mufflers which run 135.00 the same as the bassett baffels. I hope that I will be cool.
    p.s. Paul Bassett was very cool and helpfull
    1800 345 5824
    monkey rage frank

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    What are hp mufflers?

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    The Bassett HP muffs and the baffles are the same product we've had for many years. The HP muffs are no where close to meeting J2005. The baffles are close (but not there) and use horsepower. And you're right, Paul is a nice guy.

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    RexOne, do you have any numbers on the IMCO Gatlin mufflers as far as sound reduction? I'm thinkin a set of those would look trick welded onto the end of Bassets! Actually, I was wondering how good those muffs would work in an application where the exhaust exits below the waterline. Any comments?

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    flat broke
    What about whacking the bells off your headers and using the GGB Slip on Mufflers?
    Mike have you had any experience with those units?

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