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Thread: La Boat Show New 300 Pics

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    Alright I know there a week old but what the Hell!
    I finally found out how to use my new digital camera and I have to say I'm proud of my self.
    Course its easyier to figure out with the Intrusctions, but what are you gonna do right! I posted the pics on my geocities site.
    Hot m....... oops...
    ReHEATED Meal Order Up!
    New Genesis 300 Pictures (

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    Sight is messed up Here is a taste

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    Alright One More! Check out the Cabin Room. It even HAs a longe!

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    Alright the sight is working again so let me know if you have some questions!
    Boat Pics! (
    By the way Genesis is also at Genesis Boats (

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