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Thread: Kenwood Music Kegs

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    Anybody out there running a kenwood music keg???Is it better than a CD changer?

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    It sure holds a lot more music
    I spoke to one of the engineers at Kenwood about the keg when it came out. He said they designed it to withstand some unorthidox applications, such as boats and offroad vechicles, as well as to hold a grip of songs.
    We no longer carry Kenwood, but maybe someone in the audio/video section could let you know what a today's prices are like...

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    Thanks for the heads up.....I was looking for a practical aspect vs. a sales pitch...

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    Originally posted by blackcloud75
    Thanks for the heads up.....I was looking for a practical aspect vs. a sales pitch...
    My vocabulary selection and sentence structure was poor, sorry.
    I guess I should have said is that I don't know the cost benefits (changer vs Keg) since we no longer carry their gear...
    The keg use to be a lot of money....

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    crutchfield has them in there new mag, should be on line too

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    bear down
    Just saw it yester day at Best Buy for $269.00.

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    The way you drink you should definitely go with the keg over the changer!!

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    I just baught one at christmas. I am almost done putting my playlists together. It does hold a lot of music. I have installed it in my boat, I just have not inserted the cartridge yet. When I fiddle with it a little more I will give you an update. If you are going to buy one, Best Buy has the best price on it.

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    After my meeting today, it looks like they are going to come stock in every Trident.
    Totally cool technology. Bombproof against skipping. Lots of music too.

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    When Your along for a ride I might have to have a total of 3.
    One for you, one for PK, one for me.
    Corn dog

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