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    Looks like I'll be hitting the show tonight. Anyone got any requests for pics?

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    I think you will be suprised at what Auto Show means in Portland. What it really is is a few show cars to draw the crowd in and a bunch of local dealers trying to sell you a new car. The salesmen usually don't get real pushy, so if you want to compare different cars or dealers side by side, this is your chance.
    I only go to the Roadster show myself. It is usually only a few weeks later.

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    If the 05 Vette is there can you take some pics?

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    This years show is supposed to be the biggest ever. Will be going
    tonight to check it out. Supposed to have some street rod and bike stuff there in the new building. We'll see??
    Highroller and cruser. Send me a p.m.
    good to see some locals on the sight.

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    Krazy K
    I sure would like a pic of the new Mustang and the Dodge Magnum. I might be picking myself up one of those new 'stangs much to the dislike of my Chevy loving friend!!

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    quiet riot
    I'm kinda with cruser on this, was disapointed when I went to the auto show in the past. I like the look of the new stangs. Let us know if the show has got any better or if it is still just a car dealership for standard stuff. Might go this weekend if its better.

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