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Thread: Is Ultra the Same as Galaxy?????

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    Been looking at boats in the trader...and they look the same..but are they the same company or a knock off?

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    2 way different companies.Might look the smae but the construction is where the difference will be.BTW i dont own either brand.

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    Ok let me try and explain. a company bought the mold from ultra and hired galaxy boats(now out of business,) now under earnhardt marine. the company that now has the mold and is building that boat is warlock. they are calling it the demon. Its a little bit heavier but and looks alot more custom. and you can option up to a jet. Hope that helps

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    I'm starting to get a bad feeling about this thread...

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    Almost all 21's are the same, just done different.......

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    so do u guys think these boats are put togther well? For the price it sounds pretty good. Im not to familiar with them but I would assume if its warlock who took them over..they are assembled well.

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    does anyone build a 21 that didn't start out as Ultra's mold?
    whoever said it above is right, they ALL look the same.
    Ultra, Lightning is ultra's mold. Laser, Essex, Caliber1 etc etc etc
    Places like Buena Vista are where you really notice because they're all sitting next to each other anchored and you're looking at carbon copies one to the next except for the name on the side.
    Oh, not ALL, the Hallett Vector looks different, but exactly like a Schiada
    just my .02

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    Thats a pretty funny thing. All these boats did not come from Ultra's. That bottom and deck were around long before Ultra came to be in existance. As for Cobra and Lightning, yea they came from Ultra from what I hear.

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    RC ur absolutely right about the Ultra not being the first.
    I couldn't think of the company that had it first was just using it as an example of the cookie cutter thing.
    can't believe i forgot cobra in there. aftershock, etc etc.

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    Its all good. You make a good point that many 21's out there share essentially the same bottoms and many the same decks. Or slight variations of the same deck.

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