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Thread: Watch out Ca Higher taxes are on our way with prop 56.

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    As many of you know the farthest left members of our state legislature have put a ballot measure (prop 56) whose goal is to lower the 2/3 requirement for tax increases to 55%. I have seen one TV add and heard one radio add. Neither even mentions the essential element and prime purpose. Both adds were among the most misleading adds I have ever seen our heard. This measure is very sneaky it is being sold as budget reform and there is much window dressing claim it will stop the gridlock over passing a state budjet. However what the adds won't mention is that it will do that by pressuring legislators to raise taxes. The scary thing is all of the states left leaning organizations and public employee unions are supporting it with lots of mony and the main opposition is only from taxpayer groups that are not nearly as well funded. We are in trouble folks. This is the left striking back agianst us for the recall and agianst the minority party legislators who held out and prevented the massive tax hikes the left wanted last year.

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    If this passes then the legistlature will be able to pass taxes without a 2/3 majority, right?
    So, the looney Dems in Sac will be unstopable!!
    ES, this is a ballot measure right?

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    Originally posted by eliminatedsprinter
    Don't you mean "Ed Zacharry"?

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    Dave C
    now matter how much I like the ballot proposition I will always vote No if it lowers the threshold to 55%..

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    What's everybody thinking about Arnold's 15BILLION $$$ bond issue?
    I don't like it but I'm sure I'm not going to like what happens if it doesn't pass.

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    This POS gives the looneyleft a licence to steal. Its a well known fact what the loonyleft has done to this state now they want more. Another POS is the bond issues, Prop 55 would sell $12.3 Billion to "fix" the schools....WTF??? If those assholes had been doing their job there would be no need for a bond issue to fix what they had been hired to administer over. Fire the whole friggin' bunch and start over. It also stated that "By law every dollar raised would be used for construction and repairs" That just means they will deduct from the General fund what would normally go to that budget the bond issue replaces. They must think we are stupid. They get NO MORE MONEY!!!!!

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    Dang 058, you're in the thick of it up there!! What's going through all your neighbors heads? Yippie, more taxes!!???

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    I normally oppose all bond issues. They are a poor way to raise money. However, this (prop 55) may be more about consolidating debt , much of which is at a higher intrest rate, rather than creating new debt. So I am not quite sure how I will vote on it.
    But prop 56 is different. It is purely a sneaky deceptive way to make it much eaiser for the left to raise taxes on us. Unless there is a massive attempt made to educate people about the actual content and intent of this measure the deceptive propaganda that the far left is flooding the public with will result in making Ca an even costlier place to live than it already is. :burningm:

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    The 2/3 vote was the only defense this state had when "Lame Duck Grey" Davis was signing bills like crazy at the end of his tenure. With that removed, there will be no stopping the liberal a$$holes from giving away my hard earned money to lazy, unemployed sh!ts with their hands out.

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