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Thread: Is Your Boat Ready

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    What are some of things that everyone is doing to get the toys ready for the season?

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    Rebuilding the motor

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    buying a new boat

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    Well...I just added a "For Sale" sign to mine, the resistance might slow it down a little though, it doesn't take much !

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    mud duck
    Adding an engine.

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    Let's see. I got my little termite problem taken care of. For future reference, do not fill your boat with driftwood and carry it accross the lake Just buck up and buy some wood
    Installing a new trim pump right now!!

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    I am taking ours to B & D for the 50 hour in an hour! Then I am headed home for a nap.... I was out til 2 AM...Damn HOOTERS.
    B & D ROCKS!

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    we got an '75 Rogers 18' from a local guy that had totally gutted the boat and put the old engine in a different boat so we are putting a new engine in, had the pump rebuilt by MPD, new gelcoat and paint by Todd, redoing the interior, rewiring the entire boat, then there is the assembly. Lot's and Lot's of assembly. I guess it would have been easier to say what we weren't doing to the boat LOL!!!!

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    Finishing the mold, finishing the interior patterns, finishing all of the billet, sizing the trailer, getting the engine delivered...

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    Good luck Froggy, can't wait to see the pics on the water.
    My boat is ready...all I have to do is pick it towing it back to the river next Friday.

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